Custom Built Homes
We can build your dream home
in any design you desire!
Fire & Water Restoration
We are very experienced in
handling these types of
disasters.  Let us work with your
insurance company and make
the whole recovery process as
smooth and stress-free for you
as possible.

We'll treat you and your property
with the utmost care and respect
and provide you with the highest
level of quality in workmanship.
Foreclosure Properties - What's New?
With so many foreclosed properties on the
market, many of which are in need of repairs,
repairs that can be quite costly and not so
obvious to an untrained eye,it can be difficult to
determine whether to invest and how much.  

We are now extending our services to better
help you make that investment.  We will come
out and inspect the property and provide our
recommendations as to repairs and their costs
and what to consider before making that
purchase.  Many of these properties often go to
auction and with the information we are able to
provide you, you will be able to go into that
purchase or place your highest bid a lot wiser
and much more confidently.

It has been to our amazement to learn that there
are properties out there that are actually
receiving bids on the Courthouse steps by
bidders that have never even visited the property
or properly researched it.  

Unless you have the experience and expertise
as we do, it is far too easy not knowing all that
you may be getting into until it's too late.  There
are some good deals out there and with the
right knowledge you'll benefit so much more!
Overview of What We Offer
Here at Qualityworks we provide services to meet
all of your building and remodeling needs for
both residential & commercial, including fire and
water restoration and it doesn't stop there!  We
have been servicing the Fredericksburg, Stafford
County area and surrounding counties in
Northern Virginia such as Prince William,
Warrenton, Culpeper, Spotsylvania and more for
over 20 years.  We are experienced
professionals with a committment  to providing
you with a very high level of customer service and
competitive pricing.  We value our customers very
highly and we know by doing so our reputation
will remain in good standing.

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Commercial remodeling and
building needs:

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